In addition to his career as a driver, Kevin also graduated from BP JEPS* (as a racing coach).
Since 2008, the professional driver took a role as coach for such matters as Karting, single seat, GT cars and prototypes.
Thanks to his experience as a driver and the educational methods that he learned while doing his BP JEPS*, Kevin knows how to transmit his knowledge with a lot of conviction, and by using the best-known tools: Data, onboard video, analysis of the racing line, driving with the student.
Kevin also shared his expedience during a race week –end, as coach during the free practice sessions, and by dispensing stress management and race strategy advice.
After having participated to more than 300 races, Kevin puts his talent and know-how to the good use of less experienced drivers allowing them to learn and win faster.
*BP JEPS (Brevet professionnel de la jeunesse, de l’éducation populaire et du sport)